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    What is Comprehensive Insurance Coverage?

    We all know that driving comes with risks, but sometimes your car may be unavoidably damaged by something other than an accident with another car. That’s where “comprehensive coverage” comes in to play. Your comprehensive [read more...]
  • General Insurance Topics

    Homeowners’ Insurance: Helpful Basics

    Your home is your castle—and whether it’s a manufactured home worth $30,000 in an unimproved mobile-home park, a $2 million dwelling in a posh gated community, or $50,000 of personal belongings in a high-rise apartment, [read more...]
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    Pride Month Insurance Review

    In this era of societal changes, laws are being enacted which impact the lifestyle of many people. Definitions of lifetime relationships are evolving at a pace many would hope would even accelerate as individuals are [read more...]
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    Who Should Pay for Flood Insurance Peril?

    The Dilemma As we start into the flood insurance season again, the government is wrestling with what to do with the national flood insurance rates administered by F.E.M.A (Federal Emergency Management Administration) on behalf of [read more...]

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