This coverage usually is included under the liability section of your policy. It is intended to pay for smaller medical bills an insured may encounter. This coverage in the past was always included when quoting liability premium, but there has been a trend away from quoting it.  People having major medical health insurance coverage makes them feel medical under an auto policy redundant coverage. Since in most states auto medical coverage is primary coverage before one can use major medical health insurance, having this coverage may help with coinsurance or deductibles applicable to other forms of health insurance. This is a nice coverage to have so medical payments can be met while insurance company does its hold harmless investigation. Again, remember you are the responsible party for medical payments, not the insurance company.  Like other expenses, once company has accepted responsibility for the claim, the funds will be reimbursed to you.

A little entertaining episode where medical coverage was appreciated. A man had spent a great deal of time drinking, and while heading home he needed to relieve himself. Finding a wide spot in road and seeing no one approaching, he got out to do his thing. Unfortunately for him, a logging truck was approaching at a pace which would not allow the man to complete his task. Not wanting to be seen in that predicament, the man waited just as long as he could and then jumped for his car. Sadly, his foot slipped and he drove his head into the driver’s door. He woke up to the logging truck driver asking him if he was okay. The truck driver escorted him to the emergency room where he was treated and released with nothing more than a sore head and hurt ego. How was this paid? The policy language says medical expenses will be paid from activity of getting in or exiting a vehicle. He was definitely trying to get in! Paid in full!!