Life Insurance Is Peace of Mind

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The Gift of Life

Many are the tales of how life flashed across the minds of those confronted with life threatening experiences–how in just a blink-of-an-eye moment the thought of losing this gift of life can erupt with such strong emotion of just wanting to live a little longer. The thought of “this can’t be happening to me” causes one to reflect on things like 

  • I need to tell my wife I love her, 
  • I want to apologize for the harsh words I spoke to a friend, 
  • I need to repay my brother for his financial help when I was penniless, 
  • I still want to go with my buddy on that Alaskan fishing trip, 
  • I need to finishing remodeling the bathroom which I had promised my wife I would do, 
  • I need to still sit on the porch and listen to my daughter who has just felt strong feelings of infatuation for a young man, 
  • I need just a few more months so I can celebrate my son graduating and receiving his law degree, 
  • I need to keep my promise to my granddaughter I would hear her sing at her first recital, 
  • I still need to drive that new pickup I have been saving for, 
  • I still want to try my hand at getting involved in a political pursuit.

It goes on and on. This desire to live is so deeply ingrained it is the very core of our existence. 

Recognizing we have very little if anything to do with the length of our mortal lives, Man has developed something which can help ease the burden of preserving a family’s lifestyle even in the absence of the major provider of that lifestyle. This balm providing ointment cannot stop the pending life threatening experience, but it can remove some of the pain and sorrow associated with that experience. It allows the dreams once shared together to still be attained.

Peace through a Piece of Paper

This is where the concept of replacing earning power really appeals to most individuals. Somehow it brings peace to an otherwise tragic moment, knowing it is possible to create an option to just being a victim of circumstances. With a little financial discipline of managing present income, one can guarantee future financial needs will still be met–college tuition will still be paid, Sunday dinner will still have aroma of turkey, the house will still be a place for home, a violin for your son’s recital will give its joyful strains, and warm beds will still be provided under one roof for your loved ones.

The contract entered into is now just a piece of paper; but in the moment when promises it represents are needed the most, it blossoms into a miracle of joy and peace.

A life insurance contract has often been referred to as the greatest love letter written in the present with a postmark to be determined later. One thing is certain, it will be delivered when you are not around to receive a thank you for what peace it brings. One may not be around to hear the words of appreciation, but one can bask in the knowledge of things to come and peace will be felt in the present.

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