State Farm to Help Georgia State University Students – Like a Good Neighbor

front of state farm insurance building

While watching television the other night, a commercial was being run regarding an insurance company who was posing the scenario  “when your insurance company isn’t doing insurance what is it doing?”

Made me start thinking of what should I expect from the companies I deal with. Is there really something else they should be doing. It seems as consumers we are always pushing the envelope for something else. Cars aren’t just for getting from point A to point B but they must let us escape from the skyscrapers of our mundane lives to the verdant trees of some prehistoric forest where animals are waiting just around the next bend to ooh and ahh about the magnificent machine we are driving. The spraying of some fluid on our body which turns a man into an irresistible specimen of humanity so when he walks by every knee gets weak with passion, every heart beats with increased anticipation, and every head is filled with uncontrollable emotion. The clothes washing machine becomes the object of our desire and the refrigerator the climaxing encounter of the day. Wow, what I wouldn’t give for a chocolate bar! But alas, I do digress.

With societal challenges of our day, insurance companies have tapped into many of the environmental issues using their resources to promote good causes. Some of those companies spend millions of dollars promoting good sportsmanship in sports, excellence in theatrical venues, quality of life in drought stricken areas of the world through water well drilling projects to bringing electricity to darkened communities.

One that really caught my attention which goes beyond just the cosmetic is the partnership between Georgia State University and State Farm Mutual Insurance which just recently announced they were co-sponsoring an innovative program to help Georgia students succeed.

This program is being initiated on the Decatur Campus of Perimeter College with State Farm providing $20 million dollars to bring the partnership to life, while Georgia State’s Learning, Income, and Family Transformation (LIFT) will bring the university’s pioneering data analytics work to students enrolled in the two year degree programs.

According to the article, Georgia State will track student progress to identify and provide the help needed to overcome a variety of educational obstacles. Progress is tracked across hundreds of indicators to identify potential issues and implement proactive solutions to keep students on track to graduate. Once participating students earn a two year degree and will transfer to either a four year degree program or a career. In recent years graduation rates from Georgia State’s minority and low income students have more than doubled, and the university now graduates students from all racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds at comparable rates.

Through Georgia State LIFT, 50 State Farm Scholars scholarships will be awarded annually to deserving students at Perimeter College. Many other programs will be instituted to improve the quality of life of students–like mentoring and tutoring and improving literacy. State Farm employees will volunteer their time and expertise to these programs and will support students through professional development and networking opportunities.

Putting to practice their motto, “like a  good neighbor, State Farm is there” Michael Tipsord, State Farm Chairman, President and CEO said, “Georgia State and State Farm have the common goal of helping to solve issues important to metro-Atlanta, and helping students graduate is key to Atlanta’s future. Working together creates a stronger workforce and better environment for everyone.” Kudos to you, State Farm and Georgia State University!

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