Though many have expressed thoughts regarding simplicity, Leonardo da Vinci is the one who said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” With that thought in mind, why does a man buy insurance?

From the SPJST Herald, April 17, 1974:

JUST BECAUSE ON A MORNING during the days of his youth, he overheard just enough of a discussion between his mother and father to gather they had borrowed money to pay his tuition at the university–and he determined forthwith that they would be repaid.

BECAUSE ONE SOFT SUMMER EVENING the most wonderful girl in the world shyly promised herself to him and him alone so long as they both should live–and he vowed to himself that no matter what might come, she would never regret placing her future in his hands.

BECAUSE ONE BRIGHT MORNING a building contractor handed him several shiny keys and pronounced the exciting words, “She’s finished and all yours,” and he swore no quirk of fate would ever drive his bride for this, her home.

BECAUSE IN THE PREDAWN hush of a wintry day, the first thin wail of a newborn babe calmed his nervous pacings with the realization that he and that wonderful girl had created a new life–and he pledged right then and there that no child of theirs would lack all the training and all the preparation the world of tomorrow will surely demand.

BECAUSE ONE NEVER-TO-BE-FORGOTTEN MIDNIGHT his next door neighbor died and he spent endless hours until morning trying to comfort and reassure a widow wholly incapable of comprehending or coping with the economic facts of life–and he resolved that, should he be the first go in his household, his widow would be free from money worries and the necessity for money management, as humanly possible to arrange.

BECAUSE ON HIS 40TH BIRTHDAY when he and two other men pooled their resources and established their own business, he insisted that prudent arrangements be made for the protection both of the three families involved and of the business, in the event of one of the partner’s death.

BECAUSE AS HE GREW OLDER, he realized more and more that the day would come when he would have to step aside for a younger man–and he promised himself when that fateful day arrived, he would be prepared to retire with dignity.
(Author unknown)